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Spring Canyon Coal Camps – The Prototype

Colter Wilson is a Helper native now living in Denver. He is also a podcaster, and this week released an episode reflecting on the coal camps of Spring Canyon. Within six miles six company towns once existed, with over a thousand people estimated to have been living in the canyon during the town’s peak yearsContinue reading “Spring Canyon Coal Camps – The Prototype”

Author Interview with New Books Network

In May I sat down with Ryan Driskell Tate to do an interview about Carbon County USA. It is online and you can listen to it here: “During the early 1970s, a movement of rank-and-file coal miners rose up in Appalachia to challenge mine bosses and stodgy union officials. They sought greater control overContinue reading “Author Interview with New Books Network”

What Will Happen to Gillette?

“What will happen to Gillette — and other fossil fuel towns — as the coal industry recedes and clean-energy goals are realized? And what difference could the Biden administration or Congress make for a dying town built on coal?” A thoughtful recent piece from CNN grapples with these questions directly. It also notes, as IContinue reading “What Will Happen to Gillette?”